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Our law firm has been serving the Monroe County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania for over 60 years. The firm is able to provide clients with the highest quality representation available with an emphasis on Family Law. We are dedicated to your needs including divorce, separation, abuse, property division, custody, child and spousal support, paternity, mediation, pre-marriage agreement, planning and post-divorce issues.

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On August 29, 2012, my father and friend died after a battle with illness. I can't put into words how sad and heartbroken I was. In an effort to share with you his amazing personal journey, I presented a Eulogy before the Monroe County Bar Association in Courtroom No. 1 at the Monroe County Courthouse.

It is a fascinating story that which I believe will reveal to you who we are as people and attorneys. I remain dedicated to serve your family needs and goals as my father always expected of himself and me.

- Barry J. Cohen

Maxwell Cohen’s Eulogy To the Monroe County Bar Association Memorial Service